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by Emanuel Ayvas

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Emanuel Ayvas is the frontman and principle songwriter for the Brooklyn group Emanuel and the Fear.
This is Emanuel's debut release as a solo artist. A full album is coming soon.


released April 13, 2017

All music and lyrics written and performed by Emanuel Ayvas.

Music recorded by Emanuel Ayvas and by Ted Young in Brooklyn NY.
Mixed by Emanuel Ayvas.



all rights reserved


Emanuel Ayvas New York

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Track Name: Titties, Guns, and Lawyers
I watched a man kill another man on camera.
Talked calmly of it sitting at my table.
Moved from talk of a television show
to the terror that was thrown upon our screens.

What have we won to know as one,
to watch, discuss, and rerun;
Re-watch, discuss again, defend, or take to trying
while we

watch a man kill another man on camera?
Watch his family fall to pieces like a scene
that we watch on the television shows
that are all my people ever choose to see.

What has to be to take our feeling from our entertainment?
What will we be when all we need is somebody dying?

Everywhere they howl like a chorus,
everything titties, guns and lawyers.
If titties, guns, and lawyers are all we ever see,
then titties, guns, and lawyers are all we'll ever be.
Track Name: The Easily Recorded
With my hands in my pockets,
I go out into the day
wondering fortunately,
with my belly well at peace
and nothing real to complain of,
with the all within my reach
and every thought that you can think of
in my fingers telling me

that there is no more love,
There is no more love,
There is no more love
left for anyone these days.
And there is no more time,
there is only trying,
with the endless choices
how to make it all worthwhile.
And there is no more love.

-So I think of the days
not so far from where we stand,
of a person walking homeward,
something beautiful in hand
that they saved up for days
and then picked from what was there.
Now, you think of anything
and within seconds it appears

and there is no more love,
There is no more love,
There is no more holding
on to anything these days.
And there are only lives
that we hopeful try,
but without really finding
what it means to be someone.
And there is no more love.

We, the easily recorded
tell our stories, making waves
of the hopes to which we're going.
We, the age that beyond golden,
when recorded in the next,
will be the focus of their aim.
So you have to know that

there is no more love.
There is no more love,
There is no more love
left for anyone these days.
And there is no more time,
there are only minds
and believe me I'm
not the only one
trying to fight for mine.
Track Name: Sun Song or Having Seen It And Then Once Again Seeing It
And when the day becomes, I rise and clear my lungs
and move until I find my just because.
Standing in my underwear for a half an hour just for one
picture of the way the morning's coming through my window.
And she's beside me with her 5D, smiling
and no one's even speaking just because we're in love,
hopefully one day with each other or one day with some
respective other, but for now it's just the sun
and how familiar places become one with it.

I like driving with no plan or reason
and when I was a little bit younger to simply do that was so much easier
but I have this friend who is a poet and he believes that I shouldn't say that
Just because, when Whitman was my age he'd barely started
and then I argue how who started what I'm doing
All were done and timeless long before where I am was what he was.

And so I walk, take my time, go back to the words
that we'd spoke, and though I'm almost where I had seen that I'd be
It is not exactly the way that I dreamed, but the sun has a way
of taking that which you've seen and making what has been
into something I'd never thought that I'd be
and (now) what was now seems, so very different as we

walk together hand in hand,
talking(thinking) how each step so carefully planned
could within seconds send us face first falling
to the concrete crawling

And god Damn, My perfect plan
All that I thought that I am

could in just a moment fall and shatter
into completely different fragments
as we both shiver fingers clasping
thinking how'd we'd both, so savage,
acted like we knew a damn thing
when actually all that we have,
all that we can
All will remain and change at one small stroke of the suns hand.